SKILT with 23 years experience for labeling machine, professional manufacturer of auto bag labeling machine,bag label applicator,bag labeling machine with feeder and collection device.


Machine Features Introduction

1.SKILT PM-DPM Series Label Applicator applies labels onto flat surfaces featuring with loading platform and high friction belting.

2.With different kinds auto outfeed for choose, to suit for client differnet kinds products, such as zip bag, pouch, food bag, card;

3.This series labeling machine can store up to 20 different product profiles consisting of different label sizes,
speed and location of label placement within the machines memory for quick recall during changeover.


1.Novexx Label Head Model ALS204 for 130′ or 40m/minute dispense speed
2.Label Counter, Missing Label Detection and Auto Teach
3.+/- 1 mm Label Placement Accuracy
4.High Friction Conveyor Belt
5.Speed Encoder to lock label dispense speed with conveyor speed
6.Fully adjustable guide railing for quick changeover


Up to 6″ Label width with the ALS206 label head
Up to 9″ Label Width with the ALS209 label head
Different kinds outfeed collection way for choose
Hot Stamp Coder or Inkjet Coder
Online Print Applicator
One more applicator for two stickers on bags
Conveyor width and length modification

Machine Each function introduction :

1.Feeder : Paging device, can put labeling objects (for example bag ) into feeder device,  delivery out one by one;

2.Labeling :  When bag delivery to the labeling position, past sticker on bag surface directly;
   Labeling engine with SKILT Servo control and German Novexx ALS204 for choose.

3.Collection :  After finish labeling, delviery to the end part for collection. Collection with different kinds for client choose.

No Name Brand
1 PLC control system SIEMENS
2 Touch-screen SIEMENS
3 Labeling engine Servo motor Panisonic & German NOVEXX
4 Labeling engine Drive Panisonic
5 Frequency converter Delta
6 Check bag sensor Japan KEYENCE
7 Check opaque label sensor German Leuze
Check opaque and transparent label sensor GSU
8 Conveyor motor JSCC
Model PM-DPM-A & PM-DPM-ALS204
Driving Model
Servo system & German Novexx
Label material
Self-adhesive sticker, opaque or transparent label
Suitable label size
Suitable bag size
L:20-300mm , W:30-300mm
Machine size
2200(L)×  800(W)×  1600 (H) mm

1.Visual inspection system :
After labeling, bags delivery to visual inspection system, camera start working and detect labeling accuracy,  unqualified product will be take out into waste box;

2. Collection  device:
With double layer collection device and conveyor collection device for optional ;

3. German NOVEXX Labeling engine

Machine with two years warranty

Supply operation training for client workers

If with quality problem, provide technical support and supply wearing parts timely ;

④ Range experienced engineer come to client company for installation

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