SKILT as one of the toppest dental floss packaging line manufactuer in China, have cooperate with P&G since 2008 for 60 sets dental floos winding machine and 5 lines dental floss packaging line,

  • Main Electrical Configuration
  • Machine Sketch Map

Dental floss winding machine

Winding the big dental floss roller to small one,such as 30m,50m,100m. Also can add Flavours and Waxes on dental floss during winding. 

SKILT have supply the dental floss winding machine to P&G since 2008 . 

Main specifications and technical parameters

• Servo motor total power: 800W;
• Voltage: 220V 50 ~ 60HZ
• Dimensions: 3000mm × 1500mm × 1300mm ;
• Weight 150Kg

Working condition and application of environmental

a. Operating temperature: 20 to 30 ℃
b. Operating Humidity: 30% ~ 80% RH
c. The working environment: non-inflammable and explosive gas and dust

No Name Brand
1 PLC Control system Taiwan DELTA
2 Touch screen Taiwan DELTA
3 Servo motor American AB
4 Servo driver American AB
5 24V DC electrical source Taiwan DELTA
6 Relay France Schneide
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